Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Write that essay workshop

Key take away points

  • Stop, drop and write (5 mins of writing on any topic at all then. they share 1-1 with a peer and give feedback to each other) 
  • kids need to train in order to be able to produce the amount of writing they need 
  • 3 sentence styles that I will focus on in Food Tech this term explore the subject, w start, red, white and blue 

  • Try out the cut-up sentences and the kids have 5 mins to make as many different sentences as possible using all the words (the children played on the beach with their new friends) try it out first as 3 phrases cut up (The children played, with their new friends, on the beach) How quickly can you make 6 sentences. 
  •  Think about your sentence like a train. Start with the subject, 
  • Use the phrase "add a carriage" meaning go and add more detail 
  • Can we move the carriages around? 

  • Can we add in a coma 
  • Up the anti 

12 ways to write a sentence 

Starting with a simple sentence and then expanding "cheese is a dairy product" 

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